Rockets Glare Rosé® is a sweet rosé with cherry on the nose, bright red cherries on the palate, and green apple on the finish. It is a blend of Sabrevois and LaCrosse grapes grown in our Mahaska County vineyards.

Rockets Glare Rosé is not only patriotic, it is also very popular. It is lighter in flavor than a sweet red but it has more body than a white wine does. It is right in the middle and is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day.

Rockets Glare Rosé is available on the shelves of some of our 400 retailers in Iowa. If you don’t see Rockets Glare Rosé where you shop, ask the manager to get it for you.

Tassel Ridge Rockets Glare Rosé is priced at $11.00 for a 750 ml bottle, plus tax and bottle deposit.