Usually, when I think about the wine I want to pair with a summer bar-b-que, I think first about the meat I’m going to grill and that leads me to a dry red wine. But, the summer grilling menu usually includes more than meat AND the temperatures are likely to be high. A cool beverage is really more appropriate. Most red wines when chilled emphasize harsh tannins. The solution: a rosé. Rosés are usually much lighter than dry red wines so their tannins vary from none to just a little.

Tassel Ridge offers nine different rosé or light red wines that differ in the sweetness level and in style. Two of the wines are fizzy and one is cranberry.

These wines can all be well chilled which will make them especially popular on a hot day.

The nine rosés from Tassel Ridge Winery are:

  • 2015 Iowa Marquette Rosé (driest)
  • 2013 Iowa St. Croix Rosé
  • American Pink Catawba
  • Oskyfizzante® Red
  • Sweet Roxie Red®
  • American Steuben
  • Oskyfizzante® Pink
  • Cranberry Wine
  • Rockets Glare Rosé® (sweetest)