Enjoying a sangria is a wonderful way to embrace summer. A refreshing, wine-based drink, a sangria is an excellent way to cool down on a hot summer day.

A fun feature of the sangria is that it’s versatile. We have sangria recipes that include red wines, white wines, and rosés (also called blush wines). The recipes use a variety of fruit, such as strawberries, raspberries, lemons, oranges, apples, or peaches. Different kinds of juices are included, such as cranberry-blueberry-blackberry juice, orange juice, cranberry-pomegranate juice, or pineapple juice, as well as adding lemon-lime soda or a liqueur. We have a number of pleasing sangria recipes that have been tested and tasted! They are ready to be mixed together and shared!

So relish a slice of summer with a sangria that features one of Tassel Ridge’s great wines. Delight in wonderful flavors that may even allow your day to be better than expected!

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