• 2013 Iowa La Crescent—Remaining Cases 24 (about a 4-week supply)
  • 2015 Iowa Brianna—Remaining Cases 13 (about a 3-week supply)
  • 2008 Reserve Merlot—Remaining Cases 9 (about a 1-week supply)
  • 2009 Iowa Marquette—Remaining Cases 2 (about a 1-week supply)

The 2013 Iowa La Crescent will be replaced by the 2013 American La Crescent.

The 2015 Iowa Brianna will finish off all of our Brianna until the next harvest.

The 2008 Reserve Merlot will not be replaced when it runs out.

And, the 2009 Iowa Marquette will be replaced by the 2013 Iowa Marquette when it is released in April. In the meantime, we also have the 2010 and 2012 Iowa Marquette wines.