We expect to apply the annual lime-sulfur spray to the vine trunks and cordons. The objective is to kill any fungus that overwintered in cracks in the trunks and cordons. This spray is commonly also applied to fruit trees. We also expect to start spraying herbicide to kill any weeds that overwintered. We will also apply a pre-emergent herbicide to eliminate or at least reduce the number of weeds that sprout from seed under the vines.

We have machine-pruned all 17 acres of the Edelweiss and will continue manually removing the canes that we’ve removed. This is a big job.

Although the grass between the rows has just started to grow, we will start mowing this week to mulch up the canes that have been pruned off the vines.

We already expect to produce more grapes that we can use in making wine at Tassel Ridge, so we will start our efforts to sell those grapes to other wineries in Iowa.