Our cellar team will bottle a batch of Star Spangled White® on Wednesday and filter another batch on Thursday. We will be cold stabilizing 2018 Iowa Brianna, Sweet Roxie Red®, and a special red wine for our Harvest Club as soon as they are cold enough. As usual, our Cranberry fermentation is very slow so we are giving it some TLC. We have a new boiler used to produce hot water we will use in cleaning our outdoor 4,000 gallon tanks. That will be inspected this week and we hope to do the start-up and try it out for the first time this week.

Jonita will attend a fruit wine tasting session with several other winemakers this week. It is a good opportunity to see what other wineries are doing and to get feedback on our wine. Everyone will taste all of the wines that everyone brought without knowing which wine they are tasting. They will then provide feedback on all of the wines. This is called a blind tasting.