Fire up the grill and open a chilled bottle of Tassel Ridge Iowa Cuvée 220. Are you looking for a tasty new way to season your meal? Season a rack of ribs with Stonewall Kitchen Texas Rub ($7.50) and let the meat marinate overnight, then grill or roast to fall-off-the-bone perfection. Try seasoning your favorite seafood with Stonewall Kitchen Carolina’s Rub ($7.50) before grilling or sautéing.

Cuvee with Stonewall Items

Stonewall Kitchen rubs and sauces add flavor to grilled meats, while salsas make for outstanding snacks.

For an authentic taste of the Caribbean, add Stonewall Kitchen Jamaican Jerk Sauce ($7.95) to grilled chicken or bratwurst. Enjoy your grilled dinner with a bottle of Tassel Ridge Winery’s newest release, Iowa Cuvée 220. If you like to snack while you grill, open a jar of Stonewall Kitchen salsa and pour yourself a glass of Iowa Cuvée 220 to pair with the spicy flavor. We recommend Stonewall Kitchen Spicy Corn Relish ($6.95) or Stonewall Kitchen Black Bean Salsa ($6.95). Don’t forget to pick up a bag of Stonewall Kitchen Yellow Tortilla Chips ($5.00); they’re crunchy and full-flavored with just the right amount of sea salt.