Tassel Ridge Chocolate, Caramel, and Raspberry Fudge Sauces are rich and flavorful and are made with our wine. All of these sauces make great ice cream toppings, fillings for crepes or French toast, and fondue-style dips for fresh fruit or angel food cake.

The sauces include:

  • In the Dark Chocolate Sauce in 5 oz ($10.00) or 375 ml ($17.50) bottles
  • In the Dark Fudge Sauce in a 9 oz jar ($10.00)
  • Candlelight Caramel Sauce in a 9 oz jar ($10.00)
  • Iowa Marquette Raspberry Fudge Sauce in a 9 oz jar ($10.00)

Here are some more sweet temptations from Tassel Ridge Winery.

  • Gil’s Gourmet Pinot Noir Cherries ($9.00)
  • Finale Bonbons 4-piece made by Chocolaterie Stam with Finalé Blackberry and Finalé Raspberry Cream filling ($6.00)
  • Finalé Bonbons 15-piece ($20.00)