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Tassel Ridge Finalé Bonbons Have Returned

Finale-Bonbons-Barrel-Shaped450XThe popular Tassel Ridge Finalé Bonbons are back. They are packaged in sleeves of four bonbons and in boxes of 15 bonbons. The dark chocolate bonbon is filled with a Finalé Raspberry cream and the light chocolate bonbon is filled with a Finalé Blackberry cream. Our bonbons are made by Chocolaterie Stam with Tassel Ridge Finalé Raspberry and Finalé Blackberry.

The 4-bonbon package is priced at $6, plus tax, and the 15-bonbon package is priced at $19, plus tax.

Here is a Tassel Ridge wine pairing idea for our Chocolate Bonbons. Oskyfizzante® Pink is a fizzy, sweet, pink wine that pairs really well with chocolate. Oskyfizzante Pink is priced at $14.00 per 750 ml bottle, plus tax and bottle deposit.

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