Tassel Ridge Winery is excited to announce that 17 Tassel Ridge wines were entered into the Mid-American Wine Competition in July and all of those wines won a medal! So come to the Winery and check out these award-winning wines. Find your favorite(s)!

Traditional Wine Competition
Gold—2013 Iowa St. Croix Rosé
Silver—2016 Iowa Edelweiss
Silver—2016 Iowa Brianna
Silver—Iowa Candleglow® White
Silver—Blackberry Wine
Silver—Cranberry Wine
Bronze—Iowa In the Dark
Bronze—Iowa White Blossom
Bronze—Sweet Roxie Red®

Wine and Food Pairing Competition
Gold—Iowa Candleglow® White with Sautéed Shrimp
Gold— Iowa Candleglow® White with Fried Walleye
Silver—American Merlot with Roasted Rack of Lamb
Silver—Oskyfizzante® Red with Pepperoni Pizza
Silver— Oskyfizzante® Pink with Chocolate Brownie
Silver— Oskyfizzante® Pink with Strawberries and Crème Anglaise
Bronze—2013 Iowa St. Croix Rosé with Bratwurst
Bronze—2016 Iowa Edelweiss with Frisian Farms Gouda Cheese aged 12–18 months

Mid-American Wine Competition
The 2017 Mid-American Wine Competition was held in July in Ankeny, Iowa and focused on Midwest wines. In addition to judging wines against each other, there is also a category for judging wines with specially selected food pairings. This competition is the first in the United States to offer this additional judging opportunity.