Tassel Ridge Winery offers nine different rosé wines with varying degrees of sweetness ranging from fully dry to very sweet. Rosé wines are a nice compromise between red and white wines. They are particularly appropriate when paired with the lighter foods of spring including Asian stir fries, lightly seasoned grilled meats, tacos, enchiladas, ham, and pork. They are generally best when served chilled.

Tassel Ridge Rosés are (listed in order from dry to sweet):

            Iowa Marquette Rosé

            2013 Iowa St. Croix Rosé

            Iowa Frontenac Rosé

            American Pink Catawba

            Oskyfizzante® Red

            Sweet Roxie Red®


            Oskyfizzante® Pink

            Rockets Glare Rosé®

All of our rosés are available at the Winery AND you can taste them there before purchasing. Most of the Tassel Ridge rosé wines are also available at some of our nearly 400 retailers in Iowa. If you don’t see the Tassel Ridge rosé you want at your favorite store, ask the manager to get it for you.

Tassel Ridge rosés are priced between $11 and $15 per 750ml bottle, plus tax.