Frisian Farms has recently introduced a Bacon Gouda cheese. It is a nice combination of Dutch tradition and Iowa bacon. Several people at Tassel Ridge tasted the cheese with different Tassel Ridge wines and concluded that the Sweet & Snazzy!™ really complemented the cheese.  Consider serving thin slices of Bacon Gouda on crackers or small cubes of Bacon Gouda and Sweet & Snazzy!™ wine as an appetizer at your next dinner party.

If you prefer to select a white wine, our tasting team also recommended Iowa La Crescent with Bacon Gouda.

We recommend that you form your own opinions. We offer small individually packaged pieces of the Bacon Gouda in our Gift Shop. Come out to the Winery, select your piece of Bacon Gouda and try it with a glass of Sweet & Snazzy!™.