We are frequently asked how long Tassel Ridge wines can be kept if they have not been opened.

Tassel Ridge wines are made to be consumed right after purchasing them. But, they can be stored for a year or two with no problem. The perfect storage location is dark, dry, and the temperature of the earth or 55°F! You don’t need a refrigerated wine cooler because a dry location in the basement will work. A temperature about 60°F should work just fine.

Several friends have shown me their really cool wine rack that sits on the fridge in the kitchen. The best thing that can be said about a wine rack on the fridge is that it is convenient and it is a nice decorating element in the kitchen. But, the fridge gives off hot air and the warmest air in the kitchen is up by the ceiling. While that won’t damage the wine in a week or two, long term you will be cooking your wine.

There is a popular myth that wines are better if they are aged. That may apply to big dry red tannic wines but there aren’t many other wines that improve with age. And, certainly don’t do what my father did when I was very young. My family had attended a picnic where my dad won a bottle of wine. I recall it being a rosé. He announced that he planned to drink it when my younger sister got married. That turned out to be about twenty years later. I remember noting that that wine had turned from pink to brown. I don’t remember if he even took a taste.