Tassel Ridge Winery won 21 medals in five competitions in 2016. Two medals were gold. One was for Oskyfizzante® Pink paired with Strawberries and Crème Anglaise and the other was for Candleglow® Red. Both of these wines also won silver medals in other competitions.

Candleglow® White won four silver medals and one bronze medal in competitions. And, Cranberry Wine won medals in both competitions in which it was entered.

The other wines that won silver medals were 2013 American La Crescent, 2015 Iowa Edelweiss, Blackberry Wine, and Iowa In the Dark.

We enter a limited number of competitions in order to gauge how our wines stack up against competition in the Midwest and Northeast. This provides us with just another data point, because we understand that the only medals that really count are those our customers give us.

You can taste all of these wines, as well as the other wines that won medals, on your next visit to the Winery.