We harvested our Brianna in two vineyards on Sunday morning starting at 3 a.m.! The grapes are at their coolest early in the morning. We put them in one of our refrigerated trucks where they stayed until we could process them on Monday morning. Our objective is to prevent a spontaneous fermentation.

Because we are short-handed in the Cellar and Vineyard this year, some of the vineyard staff helped process the Brianna on Monday and will help bottle the Blackberry Wine on Wednesday.

While we wait for the next grapes to be ready for harvest, we will take the grow tubes off the Crimson Pearl that we planted in June. The grow tubes protect the newly planted cuttings but with summer coming to an end, it is important that we allow the new trunks to harden off so that they are able to withstand the first hard frost when it comes in late October or November.