The Cellar Team attended to the final details for the next batch of Cranberry Wine and then got it filtered and bottled. This batch has a big cranberry nose and while it is very smooth on the palate, it has the cranberry punch on the finish that we like.

They made some adjustments to the Oskyfizzante® Pink. This wine has a nice shade of pink and a very refreshing taste. This wine was bottled on March 24.

The 2014 Candleglow® Red was racked and then cold stabilization was started. The first step is to chill it down to 25°F. Then, the cellar team will add Cream of Tartar and let it drop through the wine. The tartrates are naturally in the wine and are attracted to the Cream of Tartar and they settle together to the bottom of the tank. After the cold stabilization process is complete, we will rack this wine by moving it to another tank, leaving behind a couple of inches of tartrates in the bottom of the tank. We will clean this tank using hot water and a caustic soap solution. This wine has a very fruity nose and nice jammy notes on the palate.

The Iowa Prairie Snow® was moved to our smallest tank where it will be prepared for cold stabilization by reducing the temperature to about 25°F.

The next batch of Red, White, & Blue® was filtered after it was cold stabilized. We will bottle this batch on March 25.

Finally, the next batches of American Pink Catawba and Concord should be completely fermented by early next week.