cellar-photoOur cellar team bottled the 2014 La Crescent on Wednesday.  This vintage is very aromatic with pronounced grapefruit aromas and flavors.  It has crisp acidity that will make it very attractive in combination with food.

We bottled one more batch of Oskyfizzante® Cranberry.

We are cold stabilizing our first batch of Red, White, & Blue® for this season.  Cold stabilization involves removing Calcium Tartrate and Potassium bi-Tartrate, both of which are naturally present in the grapes grown in the vineyard.  The process involves chilling the wine down to about 25°F and then adding Cream of Tartar via the top of the tank.  As the Cream of Tartar settles, it attracts the tartrates and they settle together to the bottom of the tank.  This process significantly reduces the chance that the wine will have crystals in the bottom of the bottle.

We racked the Pink Catawba off of a fining agent.  This wine will be used to make Oskyfizzante® Pink and it will be blended to make other wines.

Finally, the team is working on two batches of 2014 St. Croix and is getting ready to bottle Cranberry wine next week.