The cellar team is celebrating their accomplishment of bottling 16,015 cases of wine in 2014. That compares to 13,884 cases in 2013. There are 12 bottles in a case so that totals to 192,180 bottles for 2014. They will start 2015 off with a bang by bottling about 800 cases of 2013 Iowa St. Croix Rosé on Wednesday, January 7.

Rockets Glare Rosé is being cold stabilized to remove calcium tartrate and potassium bi-tartrates. We will filter this wine next week and will bottle it on January 14 along with our Sweethearts Rosé.

We will be bottling one of our fizzy wines on January 20.

Jonita, Cellar Assistant, recommends pairing Iowa La Crescent with Prairie Breeze cheese from Milton Creamery. The Iowa La Crescent is a crisp wine with tropical fruit notes. We offer the Prairie Breeze cheese in our Gift Shop.