The cellar team bottled Oskyfizzante® Pink last Tuesday, March 24. This wine is a nice shade of pink with a finish that is very refreshing. Because these bottles have to warm up before they are labeled, we spent a couple of days late in the week getting them labeled.

They filtered and bottled a batch of Red, White, & Blue®. The cellar team had lots of help and this bottling went very smoothly.

The team got yet another batch of Red, White, & Blue filtered after cold stabilization. They will let it warm up over the weekend and prepare it for bottling next Wednesday.

We finished fermentations on batches of Concord and Catawba and have dropped the temperature. These wines will settle for 10–12 days.

We received a load of Concord on Monday and the cellar team will start fermentation as soon as the juice warms up.

Jonita reported that during some nice weather recently, she grilled blue cheese burgers. She complemented the burgers with Sweet & Snazzy™. She wasn’t sure if it was the weather or the wine but everyone was very pleased with the combination.