Veraison is that much-anticipated event each year when the red grapes start to change from milky green to red/purple and the white grapes change from a milky green to a translucent amber. All grapes become softer to the touch. The acid in the grapes starts to decline at this time also. Veraison tells us that we are about 6 weeks to harvest.

The hot dry weather is forcing us to start irrigating our vines for only the second time in 15 years. We’ve been hand watering newly planted vines for about a month now and this week we will start to irrigate vines that are not yet well established.

We will finish tying vines at Maple Woods vineyard and start fixing trellis components in preparation for harvest. This includes replacing any broken posts, tightening the top wire and replacing any broken wires, and pounding in any broken staples.