With our harvest finished, the vineyard crew moves toward vineyard maintenance activities on a full time basis now to take advantage of good weather. We’ll receive a semi-load of trellis posts and this week will start replacing broken posts at Maple Woods Vineyard. We will be thoroughly power washing, greasing, and doing preventative maintenance on the harvester.  Then, we will put it and  most of our other heavy equipment away for the winter. Then, we will spray fungicide.

Now that harvest is finished, our vines are starting to look like a winter’s rest is right around the corner. Some of the vines have changed from a largely green color to brown. All it will take is a good wind and the leaves will all be on the ground. Other vines are still merrily growing along but the first hard frost will get them started towards dormancy. It is clear that our vines are starting to prepare themselves for cold weather. Maybe they know something we don’t know.