We are working to remove Mulberry Trees at Maple Woods Vineyards and then at Newport Lane Vineyard.  The Mulberry Trees seem to be everywhere but they aren’t as big a problem in the vineyards around Oskaloosa. We will be spraying pre-emergent under the vines. This is a weed killer that will reduce the number of weeds that emerge in the spring.

Our crew is doing some equipment maintenance prior to putting it away for the winter. We will also be pumping out of our waste-water treatment lagoons to reduce their level and then putting the aerators away for the winter before the ponds freeze over.

Finally, we are interviewing truckers with refrigerated trailers that can haul our grapes to vineyards in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. We expect to have more grapes than we need next year and being able to offer trucking makes it easier to sell our excess grapes.