This is the time of the season that we produce our first harvest estimates. We need these estimates to plan “crush” and to make sure we have enough tank space, enough of the right types of yeast, etc. This is a multi-step process, but the following provides a quick overview.

  • The first estimate was prepared on June 21.
  • We pick a vine that is not on the outside of a bloc of vines of one variety.
  • We count the number of clusters.
  • We remove one average cluster and weigh it.
  • We record the number of clusters and the sample weight on a spreadsheet.
  • We repeat this at least ten times in each bloc.
  • We calculate an average of the weights and cluster counts for the bloc.
  • We know how many vines are in the bloc so we multiply our average by the total number of vines in the bloc to get our estimated harvest for that bloc. (We assume that the grapes have reached about 50% of their weight at harvest.)
  • We perform this process for all of our blocs and then report the totals for each variety and a grand total.

We will be thinning leaves at Tassel Ridge in the Edelweiss and in the Sabrevois. We will spray fungicide if we can get a day with little or no wind. We continue to sucker and tie vines at Tassel Ridge.

Finally, our harvester will pay a visit to the annual Leighton Independence Day parade which is on Friday, June 30 this year.