Now that the first hard frosts have sent the vines into dormancy, the vineyard team is starting to spray herbicides to kill weeds and grass that grow under the vines and compete for moisture and nutrients. This is one thing we can do now that will increase grape production next year. They are also fertilizing with Potassium. Potassium will slowly get into the soil and descend down to where the vine roots are by the time spring comes. We will also apply Nitrogen in the form of urea, but not until spring.

We are replacing in-line posts at Meadowcreek that were broken during harvest and on cold days are performing year-end maintenance on equipment. We are scrambling to find the 10-foot long, 4-inch diameter posts we need for our H-braces (end of row structure). We have not been successful yet, but hope they arrive while the weather is still cooperating.