The vineyard team will spray fungicide at Maple Woods, Meadowcreek, and Newport Lane. In spite of the hot and dry weather, it is humid enough that fungus grows easily. Most of our sprays include appropriate insecticide in order to prevent critters from having our vines for lunch.

We are hand watering newly planted vines as needed and we will finish our irrigation lines at Maple Woods when we receive the needed tubing.

We have some trellis work to finish at Newport Lane and we will remove the grow-tubes at Newport sometime soon. The grow-tubes are installed around the newly planted vines to protect the small vines from deer predation, but they need to be removed by September 1 in order to allow the vines to harden off before winter.

We will update the harvest estimates and sometime just before we begin to harvest, we will collect samples of each grape variety and submit them to the Midwest Grape and Wine Industry Institute for testing. We want to determine how much Nitrogen that our yeast can assimilate (this is called YAN) is in the juice. This will help us know how much yeast nutrient we need to add before and during fermentation.