We will finish carbonation of another batch of Oskyfizzante Cranberry and then bottle it this week. We will also filter and start carbonation of the last batch of Oskyfizzante Cranberry. And, we will bottle a small batch of Cranberry Wine in our Christmas tree bottles.

We are cold stabilizing Iowa Nouveau this week and will attempt to bottle it next week. We will rack Steuben and Sabrevois off yeast lees, start fining St. Pepin and LaCrosse. We are fermenting our Muscat in one of our outdoor tanks. It has been coming along nicely. We have several tanks containing Edelweiss that are settling out. We will be checking clarity on this wine.

Finally, we are installing a new boiler that will create the hot water we need to clean out our large outdoor tanks. The clean-in-place system we have for our indoor tanks, the largest of which is 2,000 gallons, is not big enough to generate the amount of high pressure hot water we need.