During the past week, we’ve concentrated on getting our Marquette grapes netted. This turned out to be a much bigger job than we realized. Three people spent three full days getting this important job done. They actually installed eleven miles of netting!


Vineyard Manager, Adam Nunnikhoven, guides netting into place over the vines. Another worker pulls it from the next row as the tractor rolls slowly along.


The Marquette grapes are protected (hopefully) from birds behind the net.

Other members of the vineyard team mowed, removed grow tubes, replaced broken posts, and repaired broken trellis wires.

This coming week will find everyone getting ready for harvest. One important job is to walk the vineyards looking for vines that need to be tied up so that they are in position when the harvester comes through. They will clean all of our sheds, put grow tubes away, and start performing preventative maintenance on harvest equipment.