We are finishing up on our production of our very popular Red, White, & Blue® for this season and will bottle another batch this week.

We are also cold stabilizing Oskyfizzante® Pink. That means that we will chill it way down to about 25°F and then put some Bentonite in the top of the tank. As the Bentonite settles in the tank, it attracts Calcium Tartrate and Potassium Bi-Tartrate which are normally part of grape juice. They settle-out at the bottom of the tank. We want to remove the tartrates in the wine so that they won’t reappear as crystals if the wine is cooled after it leaves the winery. This could happen if someone puts it in a refrigerator and chills it too much before serving.

We are also finishing up a new red wine which we will call Harvest Red. It is being made in a very small quantity and will be offered to our Harvest Club members first and then will be available exclusively at the Winery.