The cellar team bottled 150 cases of Oskyfizzante® Cranberry last week. We do this bottling the old-fashioned, labor intensive way with a short assembly line. The first person rinses each bottle. The second puts the rinsed bottle in the four-spout counter-pressure filler and then removes each bottle as it is filled. The third puts the bottle into the crown capper. A crown cap is what is used on a soda pop or beer bottle. The fourth person wipes down the bottle to remove any wine that will become sticky and puts it into an empty case.

This process can be messy if the pressurized wine erupts from a bottle. We minimize the chances of that happening by keeping the wine as cold as we can. But, since the wine is cold, the full bottles gather condensation, so we can’t label and install for a day or two until the wine temperature comes up to about cellar temperature at 67°F.

We are excited about this year’s Oskyfizzante Cranberry. It is beautiful in the bottle and it has a great balance of flavor and tartness. We will release it in mid-October.