We are pruning our Sabrevois and St. Croix at Tassel Ridge Vineyard early in the week and as soon as we’re done, we move to the vines at Newport Lane. As soon as (or if) the vineyards dry out a bit, we’ll continue spraying herbicide and fungicide in all of our vineyards. We now have 25,000 of our 38,000 vines short pruned. This is the latest we’ve ever been pruning.

We received 2.0 inches of rain on Saturday, May 18. Our Maple Woods vineyard is on a slope that drops about 70 feet from its eastern boundary to Spring Creek at its western edge. By 7:45 p.m. Saturday, the creek had overflowed its banks and the first seven rows of vines on the west were sitting in 12–24 inches of water. By Sunday morning, they were soggy however the standing water had drained off. That won’t hurt the vines at all but it sure makes getting into the vineyard with any equipment like a tractor just about impossible for several days.