Vineyard crew pruning with V-Mech mechanical pruning system

The weather last week was not conducive to much outdoor work. Nonetheless, we made progress in long pruning Frontenac, St. Croix, and Marquette at both Newport Lane and Meadowcreek.

This week, we will tighten the trellis wires at Tassel Ridge and then start mechanical pruning. We will also start a major effort at cleaning up the canopy in our Edelweiss. This will be an endeavor that will take three years, but we will get started this year. Our objective is to be able to fine prune all of our Edelweiss when we are done getting it cleaned up by hand.

We will continue spraying pre-emergent and will start to spray Sulforix, weather permitting. Finally, we will have one person using the weed badger to remove weeds in areas where they are particularly big.