We will bottle our last batch of Oskyfizzante® Pink on Tuesday and follow that with bottling of 2018 Iowa Nouveau on Wednesday. We continue racking and fining wines that we will bottle almost every Wednesday now until the end of the year. Many of these bottling sessions will be dedicated to Edelweiss in its various forms: Iowa White Blossom, Iowa Edelweiss, and Star Spangled White®. We will also bottle Iowa Brianna, Steuben, and Iowa LaCrosse before the end of the year. Our objective is to free up tanks so we will be ready to receive Concord and Catawba starting in December.

We’ve continued with the construction that started in June. Right now, we are finishing installation of our new boiler and will finish up the installation of new temperature controllers on the two new 4,000-gallon jacketed and insulated tanks that sit outside.