Removing the volunteer Mulberry trees has taken what seems like forever, but we are finally down to the last few trees. It’s too bad that we can’t find a use for these trees….telephone pole seeds maybe! The crew at our Tassel Ridge Vineyard will shift to replacing inline posts that were damaged during harvest. We’ll also get the Maple Woods vineyard mowed, get our herbicide sprayer going, and then apply herbicide under the vines since they are now dormant. This will kill off biennial weeds that are now just little florettes but by the middle of our next season will be 5–6 feet tall. Our last spraying will be fungicide on the Marquette at MeadowCreek. Then, we’ll give the Hagie sprayer a thorough cleaning and put it away for the winter.

As of mid-last week, many of the vines had brown leaves on them. After our windy Sunday, the leaves have all been blown off and the vines now look dormant and ready for winter.