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We Will Bottle American Pink Catawba This Week and Get Ready for Harvest

We will bottle American Pink Catawba this week along with lots of tasks that are small individually but add up to readying wine for bottling and getting the cellar ready for harvest. We will be transferring wine to empty tanks for harvest, filtering American Steuben after cold stabilization, rack Blackberry Wine off fining agents, and rack Cranberry Wine off yeast lees.

Our cellar team will be bringing over the crush pad equipment from the warehouse and starting to do annual preventative maintenance in order to be ready for harvest. We are also working to get our new press moved onto the new concrete that has just been poured west of our crush pad and then schedule our press supplier to come in to get us trained on using the new press.  And then, we start the annual process of cleaning floors in the Winery.

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