* The Ambassador Program has been suspended due to the pandemic. Check back for updates on the return of the Ambassador Program. *

Hosting wine tasting events at Tassel Ridge retailers, pouring samples of our wines, discussing their flavor profiles, recommending food pairings, and suggesting occasions at which our wines will complement foods are some of the things that Tassel Ridge Winery Ambassadors do on a regular basis. Most of our twenty plus Ambassadors host 2–3 tastings per week at retailers near their homes. Each tasting lasts about two hours (some are longer) and most tastings are on Thursday and Friday evenings and anytime on Saturdays.

Tassel Ridge Ambassadors give our customers a chance to try our wine at a location in which they can purchase it at the time of the tasting and again later when they are ready for more wine. When we were getting started, we had to overcome the perception that wines made in Iowa were inferior to either other domestic or imported wines. Providing people with the opportunity to taste before they buy has helped Tassel Ridge break down stereotypes and build our market.

But, our Ambassadors do much more than just offer tastes of our wine. They also recommend foods that pair well with our wines and make suggestions for ways of serving our wines at events that range from family dinners to an evening on the deck watching the world go by. Because most Iowans are so eager to learn about wine, the whole process is very enjoyable and rewarding for the Ambassador.

Tassel Ridge Ambassadors come to the Winery on a quarterly basis to see what is happening in the vineyards, the cellar, and in the tasting room. They taste wines that they may not have tasted before, the get advance tastings of new wines that may have just been bottled. And, they may get a chance to taste an altogether new beverage made from Tassel Ridge wines.

If you believe that being a Tassel Ridge Winery Ambassador would be personally rewarding and something you are interested in doing,  click here.