Looking to top a gift of Tassel Ridge wine for your next special occasion? Try one of our bottle neck wine cards! They are available for all occasions! Weddings, birthdays, congratulations or just a simple thank you. If you have a more humorous side, we have toppers for that too. For only a $1.49 or 4 for $5.00, it’s a great way to express how you feel as you give a gift of wine.

IMG_0411Here are some of the messages we have available:

  • From wine what sudden friendships spring! May ours be lasting.
  • No special occasion…Just a bottle of wine from one friend to another. Enjoy!
  • Congratulations! May this bottle of wine add to your celebration!
  • What through youth gave love and roses, Age still leaves us friends and wine. Enjoy the wine dear friend!
  • Is the wine glass half full or half empty? Who cares when you have the bottle? Enjoy a wonderful birthday.
  • Now that your task is completed, just sit back and reflect on…A job well done! Thank You
  • Wine improves with age: age improves with wine! Enjoy this bottle of improvement.
  • Most pleasant of all ties is the tie of host and guest. Here’s to wonderful hosts and to a delightful evening
  • To the sun that warmed the vineyard, to the juice that made the wine, To the host that cracked the bottle, And made it yours and mine.
  • Thank you from the very bottom of my…wine cellar!
  • Here’s something you don’t have to unpack or unwrap…Just uncork and enjoy. Happy Housewarming!
  • Who does not love wine, women and song remains a fool his whole life long. You’re no fool!
  • Sophisticated, Seductive, Complex, and Full Bodied (and the wine’s not bad either)
  • Full of promise; a new wine, a new life together. Congratulations and best wishes!