Steuben is in the middle of fermentation now and both St. Pepin and LaCrosse are just about finished fermenting. Louise Swenson, Petite Pearl, St. Croix, and our Finalés are ready for racking off yeast lees. What this means is that their fermentations are done and now we will remove the wine from the tanks leaving only the skins, seeds, pulp, and dead yeast cells. These will be pumped out and sent to our waste water treatment system.

We are planning our bottling schedule now that we have some visibility of when our 2019 Iowa Nouveau and our white wines will be ready. Blackberry Wine will be at the head of our list. This wine was made in June and July and we couldn’t get it in the bottle at that time but will put it at the head of the list for this year.

We had a very poor harvest this year and will need to order some juice from Upstate New York to fill in the gaps.