Work in the Cellar Includes Planning to Assure We Will Have Enough of Each Wine to Meet Demand

Last week, our cellar team bottled American Pink Catawba. It has tropical fruit notes and a mouth-feel and finish that make this wine very satisfying.

The work in the cellar is not all wine making and bottling. At this time of year, we experience a seasonal pick-up in wholesale wine sales. Lew, our Cellar Technician, responds by managing our stocks, so that we have the wine we need to ship from the Winery every day. We also need to anticipate how much tank space we will need and that involves estimates of how long fermentations will take and when we will bottle each batch of wine. It is like a chess game.

Category : Action in the Cellar &From Our Vineyard Posted on April 17, 2017

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