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Wine About to Run Out

Pizzeria & Pasta Too!®—We have a 6-week supply left at Tassel Ridge Winery. Pizzeria & Pasta Too! will be replaced by a red blend sometime in 2018. Pizzeria & Pasta Too! is a dry red, food pairing wine with hints of plum and black cherry on the nose, and it follows with plum on the […]

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Two Great Wines About to Run Out

2009 Frontenac Rosé—0 cases remain (a few bottles remain in the Tasting Room) Reserve Merlot—0 cases remain (a few bottles remain in the Tasting Room) Reserve In the Dark—SOLD OUT The 2009 will be the last Frontenac Rosé we will make at Tassel Ridge Winery. We will use our Frontenac to make other wines in the […]

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A Popular Wine is About to Run Out

2015 Iowa Brianna―Small amount in Tasting Room 2009 Iowa Marquette―Sold out The 2015 Iowa Brianna will finish off all of our Brianna until the next harvest. The 2009 Iowa Marquette will be replaced by the 2013 Iowa Marquette when it is released on April 22. In the meantime, we also have the 2010 and 2012 […]

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Several Popular Wines About to Run Out

2013 Iowa La Crescent—Remaining Cases 24 (about a 4-week supply) 2015 Iowa Brianna—Remaining Cases 13 (about a 3-week supply) 2008 Reserve Merlot—Remaining Cases 9 (about a 1-week supply) 2009 Iowa Marquette—Remaining Cases 2 (about a 1-week supply) The 2013 Iowa La Crescent will be replaced by the 2013 American La Crescent. The 2015 Iowa Brianna will finish off […]

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Sweet & Snazzy!™ and 2013 Steuben are Sold Out

Sweet & Snazzy!™―Sold Out 2013 Steuben―Sold Out―Replaced with 2013 American Steuben.

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Prelude and Brianna Have Sold Out

Prelude and Brianna have sold out at the Winery. Here’s an update on wines soon to sell out: Sweet & Snazzy!™—5 week supply 2013 Steuben—8 week supply Candleglow® Red (Made with Marechal Foch and St. Croix grapes)—3 weeks supply

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American Chardonnay Has Sold Out

American Chardonnay has sold out. Its place has been taken by White Blossom and by the new Candleglow® White. Prelude, 2013 Iowa Brianna, and 2009 Iowa Marquette will all run out in the next 2 to 3 months.  

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Candlelight Has Sold Out―American Chardonnay Will Sell Out in Less Than a Month

Candlelight is now completely sold out at Tassel Ridge Winery. Some of our retailers have stocks of Candlelight so if you really like it, now is the time to pick up a couple of bottles. Its place in our product line will be taken over by Brianna, La Crescent, and Edelweiss, all of which are […]

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Candlelight is About to Sell Out; American Chardonnay Will Sell Out in 2–3 Months

Candlelight is a semi-sweet wine made from Chardonnay grapes that has been a popular part of our wine list for several years. We brought in grapes from out-of-state in our early years because our own vineyards weren’t producing enough grapes to meet our needs. That time has passed and so we will be retiring Candlelight […]

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Iowa Prairie Snow® is Still Available in Some Stores but is Selling Steadily

Although we ran out of Iowa Prairie Snow® at the Winery several months ago, there are a few bottles available in some of our retailers. To help our customers who like this very popular iced wine, we are gathering names and locations as our sales reps find Iowa Prairie Snow® on the shelves. We have been deleting […]

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