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Vineyard Crew will Harvest Edelweiss All Week

We started picking Edelweiss at 2 a.m. Sunday morning. We put the fruit into refrigerated trucks at the Winery so the grapes were ready and waiting for crush to begin Monday morning. We will be picking Edelweiss every day until it is all made into juice. This year’s harvest

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The 2018 Harvest Has Started!

We harvested our Brianna in two vineyards on Sunday morning starting at 3 a.m.! The grapes are at their coolest early in the morning. We put them in one of our refrigerated trucks where they stayed until we could process them on Monday morning. Our objective is to

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Trellis Repair From Windstorm Damage is a Top Priority This Week

Our vineyard team will continue repairing the portions of trellis that were damaged by the wind storm on July 18. A continuing careful audit of each row of vines at the Winery is revealing that wires have come loose from posts and that more line posts have

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Cellar Works Around Construction of New Tank Bases West of Crush Pad

We will be pouring concrete on the approaches to the crush pad west of the Winery this week. In addition, we will be installing new LED lighting in the cellar as part of an energy efficiency project. So, other work in the cellar will have to be

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Fungicide Spraying, Mowing, and Trellis Work Are Our Objectives This Week

Hot, humid weather is ideal for growing fungus but not for making quality wine. We must spray every 7–10 days and vary the fungicide each time in order to avoid allowing the fungus to become resistant to the sprays. Given the amount rain, we must mow the

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Trellis Maintenance, Fungicide Spraying, and Preventative Maintenance on Harvest Equipment Occupy Our Vineyard Crew

We continue to tie up new plants and maintain trellises in all vineyards. We are starting preventative maintenance on all harvest equipment. And, spraying for fungus is never ending. Last week, we undertook our first harvest estimate of the season. We will update this estimate two more

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Removing Suckers, Retying Vines, and Thinning Leaves Occupy Us This Week

We will continue removing suckers and will start retying vines in the Maple Woods Vineyard. We will be using our Collard leaf thinner to remove leaves on the east side of the rows in our Meadowcreek Vineyard. Weather permitting, we will be spraying herbicide and fungicide and

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Spraying, Removing Suckers, and Tying Vines will Occupy the Vineyard Crew This Week

This week we will be spraying both fungicide and herbicide. Fungus of all types love hot, humid weather, so we have to spray fungicide about once every seven to ten days during the growing season. And, we mix it up and vary our use of specific fungicides

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We Planted 1,250 New Vines Last Week; Will Spray, Remove Leaves, and Water New Vines This Week

Our grapes like the warm weather (up to a point) and are back on schedule after a late start this year. They are almost done flowering and most varieties have set fruit. One variety that failed to set much fruit is St. Pepin from which we make

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Planting New Vines is a Top Priority This Week; Then, We Work on Suckering and Spraying

We planted a small number of Itasca and Verona vines last week. Both are new varieties with the Itasca being a white from the University of Minnesota and Verona being a red from Tom Plocher, a private hybridizer in Hugo, Minnesota. This week we are taking delivery

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