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We Harvested Our Last Grapes and Have Shifted to Fermentation Management

The Cellar Team has one more grape variety, Steuben, to crush. Steuben is a labrusca sport that is native to New England. It is usually the last grape we harvest each year. We really like the juice it produces because it makes a very popular wine that goes especially well with spicy foods. But, Steuben […]

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Our Grape Harvest is Nearly Done; The Action Shifts to Vineyard Maintenance

We harvested Frontenac today and now only have Steuben to harvest. The Steuben isn’t ready yet and we just have to wait for sugar and acid levels to reach our targets. In the meantime, we will start some post-harvest maintenance tasks like cleaning up the vineyard sheds, making repairs to the trellis, and spraying fungicide. […]

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We are Harvesting Grapes as Fast as They Ripen

We are totally engaged in harvesting grapes. The Brianna was ready first, followed by Edelweiss, and then St. Pepin. These were all grapes for making white wines. Last week, we harvested our first red grape of the season, Sabrevois. This was followed by LaCrosse, another white, and then Marquette, a red. Finally, last weekend we […]

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Vineyard Crew Focuses on Harvest

The vineyard crew collected grape samples and then tested the juice in the lab for titratable acidity, pH (strength of acid), and sugar. Generally, acids drop and sugar increases as we approach the time to harvest. We’d like to see acid below 10 grams per liter and would be quite happy at 8 grams per […]

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Vineyard Crew is Ready to Harvest

Last week, we harvested Brianna from Newport Lane and Tassel Ridge. The hot weather helped to bring sugar up and acids down. Most important, the flavors were outstanding. The grapes from Newport Lane were hand harvested and those from Tassel Ridge were machine harvested. Lower temperatures (relatively speaking) have slowed the maturation of the grapes. […]

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Harvest Began with Brianna on August 4

Harvest began on Tuesday, August 4 with about one ton of Brianna being picked by hand from Newport Lane Vineyard. The hot weather drove sugars up dramatically in the grapes in that one vineyard. Sugar in the other vineyards where Brianna is planted remained below our target zone and then the weather cooled on Thursday. […]

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Check Out the New App!

Check out the new Tassel Ridge Winery app! It’s free and available on both iTunes and Google Play. This app can help you find the retail locations of your favorite wine(s). You can also check to see when wine and food events are happening at Tassel Ridge! To find this free app: Explore the Tassel […]

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Vineyard Team Works on Pre-Harvest Tasks

The vineyard team will spray fungicide at Maple Woods, Meadowcreek, and Newport Lane. In spite of the hot and dry weather, it is humid enough that fungus grows easily. Most of our sprays include appropriate insecticide in order to prevent critters from having our vines for lunch. We are hand watering newly planted vines as […]

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Vineyard Staff Starts to Irrigate Vines

The vineyard staff has been watching the well-established vines to make sure they are getting enough moisture. For the most part, they have well-established root systems so that irrigation is not necessary immediately. Younger vines that are 3–5 years old may not yet have fully established root systems and we are starting to irrigate them. […]

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We are Bottling Lots of Red, White, & Blue®

We will focus on bottling Red, White, & Blue® each week for the next several weeks. We also have a batch of Oskyfizzante® Pink to label. Normally wine is labeled as we bottle it. The fizzy wines, however, are bottled at low temperatures in order to keep the carbonation from escaping into the air. Cold […]

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