Tassel Ridge Winery offers four sweet red wines with varying degrees of sweetness that will pair nicely with grilled meats. (Recently, we addressed the seven dry red wines we offer that are excellent with grilled meats).

  • 2015 Iowa Silky St. Croix is a semi-sweet red with cassis, black cherry, and mango on the nose and soft black cherry on the palate. This wine can complement beef, chicken, and pork.
  • Iowa Candleglow® Red is a sweet red blend with silky cherry and rich plum flavors made from Foch and St. Croix grapes. It will also complement any grilled meat.
  • Iowa Sweet & Snazzy is a sweet red blend with cherry, raspberry, and blackberry notes and baking spice on the finish. It is a blend of Marquette and Frontenac grapes.
  • Celebrate! is a sweet red wine with bright cherry aromas and flavors. It is made from Frontenac and Muscat grapes. This wine is great for celebrating anytime.