Winery and Vineyard Photo Tour

Please click below to take a virtual tour of the winery!

Tassel Ridge Winery tours are available by reservation during our regular business hours. You will experience an adventure in winemaking as your tour guide highlights the steps from vine to bottle. Learn about the history of grape growing in Iowa, the vineyard planting and harvesting process, and the processing, fermenting, blending, and bottling of wine. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of our skilled winemakers as they craft one-of-a-kind wines. Call the Winery at (641) 672.WINE to schedule a tour.

Vineyard Grapemobile

Grapemobile and Vineyard Tours are not available at this time. 

Take a ride in the vineyards on the Grapemobile. The tour will include information on local grape varieties and growing in cold climates.

  • Learn about the history of vineyards in Iowa
  • Learn how vineyards are planted and grapes are grown
  • Minimum 5 people; maximum 28 people
  • Each tour takes 45 minutes
  • $5 per person, plus tax
Virtual Vineyard Tour

Photo Tour

If you can’t make it to the Winery, visit the Winery and vineyards in our photo tour below.

Skip vineyard photo tour and see the inside of the winery.


Tassel Ridge Winery in the spring.

The Grapemobile just before a passenger pick up.

Pruning in April.

Grape flowering in May.

Vineyards in the late spring.

Grapes almost ready for harvest.

St. Croix post and grapes in August.

Hand Harvesting

Harvesting by hand in 2007. In 2009, we began harvesting with our new mechanical grape harvester. Skip to mechanical harvesting.

Pickers filled totes which are loaded onto a Gator.

Large bins were filled and taken to the winery in a truck.


Mechanical Harvesting

We began mechanical harvesting in August of 2009.

The harvester conveyor transfers grapes into a MacroBin on the specially-designed vineyard trailer, which carries the grapes to the winery.

A five-person crew, including a second tractor diver, is needed to mechanically harvest.

Lights on the mechanical harvester allow for night harvesting.

Each MacroBin is weighed.

The MacroBin is unloaded onto the elevator for the trip to the destemmer-crusher.

Grapes make their way through the destemmer-crusher.




Our tank farm.

Jonita filtering the wine.


Jim filling barrels.

Barrels are stored in a climate controlled area.

Austin unloading empty bottles onto the bottling line.

St. Croix coming off the bottling line.

Pallet of wine being shrink wrapped.

Tasting Bar on a Saturday afternoon.

Gift shop looking into the tasting room.