Many Iowans will serve a ham at Easter dinner on Sunday, April 9 this year. The ham is usually glazed with mustard, brown sugar, and maybe studded with pineapple. Tassel Ridge Cranberry Wine is sweet, but it also has the acid that comes with Cranberry juice and this balanced wine is a very successful complement to the Easter ham. Because Cranberry Wine is sweet, it can be used as an aperitif before dinner, with dinner, and even with some desserts. If you prefer something that is little more festive, consider Oskyfizzante Cranberry, especially for the appetizers. Both of these wines are available at many of our nearly 400 retailers in Iowa. And, if you can’t find these wines locally, call the Winery at 641.672.WINE (9463) to place an order. We can ship anywhere in Iowa. Please allow 3–4 days for delivery.