We expect to finish pruning Edelweiss this week and we have already finished Steuben. We will put a priority on Foch and Brianna next week.

We have a new berm sweeper that we are just now trying out. It mounts directly on a tractor and it will remove weeds that grow under the vines without harming the grapevine trunks or hitting the posts. We have tried other techniques for controlling tall weeds and have not had success with what we have tried.

The vines are now starting to leaf out so help us as we keep our fingers crossed that we won’t have any more frosts. Now that we have leaves, we are really exposed. Where 29°F would not do any damage while the buds were tight, anything below 32°F can now result in damage.

We are still looking for summer help in the vineyards. If you know of someone, encourage them to call 641.673.5000 and ask Courtney to set up an interview.