(37 miles to Tassel Ridge Winery)


Kellogg Historical Museum

View the results of what a small town with a big dream can do. Nestled on the side of a hill, the town boasts an eight-building museum complex which includes the main two-story building, a factory/bank museum, a country school, a church, a blacksmith shop, and a two-story brick building which was a former locker (1909) which had apartments above it. A barn behind the hotel houses many farm-related items, along with a 1944 LA John Deere tractor and a 1950 Studebaker pickup. There is also an open shed area with larger farm implements from bygone eras. Kellogg prospered with the coming of the train, and the track ended here for several years, returning East by using a round-table. The two-story museum was the former Simpson Hotel, built in 1909 after the great fire swept the business district in 1908 to house the many passengers arriving here from the East by train.

218 High Street
Kellogg, IA 50135