(34 miles to Tassel Ridge Winery)

Wagaman Historical Mill

This mill is on the National Register of Historic Places and a part of the Silos and Smokestacks National Heritage Area. Historic water-powered mill along the North Skunk River built by John R Sparks in 1845-1846. In 1847, Sparks commenced construction of a grist mill, completing the structure in 1848. Power for the mill originated from a mill pond, the resultant backwater of a large wooden dam constructed across the North Skunk River. According to published historical records, Sparks Mill was a superior operation to that put up with by the pioneers, who had much trouble in obtaining good flour at the “illy-built makeshift” of mills in this section of Iowa. The mill was greatly prized by the people of the entire county, saving as it did three days conveyance to Oskaloosa over uncertain streams and poor roads. The buhr (grinding) stones of the Sparks Mill were said to have been of the best French make. Note: Credit is given to Eric Sloan, who wrote a book and did the drawings of the mill stones, etc.

Hours: June-August, every Sunday from 1:00–4:00 p.m.

200 East Street
Lynnville, Iowa 50143
641.527.2080 or 641.792.9780

Maasdam Sorghum Mill

See the process of making sorghum from out in the fields, to chopping and processing cane, and bottling of the finest product.

6495 East 132nd Street South
Lynnville, Iowa 50153


Places to Stay

Linden House B & B

On the scenic North Skunk River in historic Lynnville, Iowa, relaxed country setting with a lovely riverfront view. Private rooms with king and queen size beds and six-bed bunk rooms. Complete with an in-house restaurant – Valerie’s Fine Dining and Cocktails.

202 East Street
Lynnville, Iowa 50143