(70 miles to Tassel Ridge Winery)

Milton Creamery

Producing cheese & cheese curds, Rufus Musser, owner of Milton Creamery, grew up in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. In 1992 Rufus and his wife moved to southeast Iowa and started milking cows. In 2002, Rufus was approached by two Amishmen, who wondered if he would buy their milk and make cheese. After four years of research, numerous discussions, and lots of hard work, using the old-style, labor-intensive process, the first batch of cheddar cheese and fresh curds was made on May 8, 2006. In the fall of 2006, the first Colby cheese was made, and in February 2007, the first specialty cheese, Prairie Breeze, an award-winning bold cheddar with its own twist, was introduced.

202 East Hwy 2
Milton, Iowa