This week was devoted to getting ready to plant new vines right after the Memorial Day weekend. We are replanting vines that have died and replacing some varieties that we don’t need with those for which we have greater demand. So, we have removed some La Crescent vines at our Maple Woods vineyard and are replacing them with LaCrosse. We are also replacing some Itasca, Verona, and Crimson Pearl vines that died in blocks at Tassel Ridge vineyard. In total, we will plant about 1,500 new vines this year.

We have burned down grass growing under the wires with a herbicide and are removing the now dead grass with our Weed Badger. Fortunately, the recent rain assures that the ground will be easy to dig in.

We also did some mowing on dry days. That is a big issue right now because the grass is growing very fast.