Our 2022 Iowa Nouveau was bottled on Wednesday of last week and will go on sale on Thursday, November 17. This wine is dry but very fresh and fruity. In fact, it was grapes still on the vine on Labor Day. It has now been harvested and fermented. It has seen no oak and is all fruit.

The Nouveau is a traditional harvest wine. Imagine a European village gathering to celebrate the harvest. Someone contributes a big pot, others bring veggies from their gardens, the local butcher donates a side of beef, the baker contributes several loaves of bread, and the local vineyard owner or winemaker contributes a barrel of the season’s wine and everyone gathers to celebrate a good harvest.

In America, the traditional harvest celebration is Thanksgiving. Coincidentally, the Iowa Nouveau is a great wine to accompany Thanksgiving dinner. It is big enough to complement all of the flavors in a traditional family dinner from light flavors of turkey and mashed potatoes, to moderate flavors in dressing and a green bean casserole, to big flavors in candied yams and cranberry salad.

The Tassel Ridge 2022 Iowa Nouveau will be available for purchase at the Winery and in many retailers in Iowa on Thursday, November 17. We are also having a special pizza dinner at the Winery on Thursday evening, November 17 to celebrate the event.